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 What is Floating?

Floating is one of the best methods for achieving deep mental relaxation and total physical relief. All the strenuous pressure of gravity fades away as you float effortlessly on top of the silky smooth water.


Over the course of the session your body and mind become revitalized at a core level. The sensory deprivation allows your mind to reach deep meditative states that typically take years of practice to attain through traditional meditation. In these states you feel a sense of oneness and connection with the universe.


This sensation is The TAO.

Now widely accepted, floatation therapy is used to treat a wide range of ailments and conditions.


The Tao Pod is filled with 11 inches of water perfectly heated to skin temperature. Upon entering the deeply relaxing pod you instantly float due to the 1,100 pounds of high quality Epsom salt, which has been used historically to treat sore muscles, aches and pains.


Over 60 years of research into Floatation REST therapy has revealed the power of weightlessness, total stillness and soothing salt water to act together as a healing force.

The Pod Rooms

The ambience of this pod room reflects the reviving aspects of Tao. Inside is the I-sopod, a sleek and stylish inner spaceship designed to transport the user to a new world of absolute calm and tranquillity. The pod is a impenetrable silent sanctuary that is almost womb like, where anxieties and stress simply drift away.

Benefits of Floating

How Floatation Therapy Can Help You

• Promotes total calm and peaceful relaxation
• Eliminates fatigue and jet lag
• Improves sleep
• Alleviates stress (mental and physical)
• Energises, rejuvenates and revitalises
• Increases motivation, diminishes depression, anxiety and fear
• Facilitates freedom from habits, phobias and addictions

• Stimulates left/right brain synchronisation
• Shifts brain waves from beta to lower frequency alpha, theta and even delta
• Creates mental clarity, alertness
• Increases creativity, problem solving
• Heightens visualisation
• Deepens meditation
• Expands awareness, intensifies acuteness of all the senses, accelerates learning
• Enhances hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis

• Decreases the production of cortisol, ACTH, lactic acid and adrenaline
• Increases production of endorphins
• Speeds up rehabilitation and recovery
• Relieves pain (arthritis, migraines, injuries and so on)
• Boosts immune function
• Improves circulation and distribution of oxygen and nutrients
• Reduces blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption
• Improves athletic performance
• Helps prevent sports injuries, speeds healing process

Once inside the surreal environment of the float pod or room your brain naturally glides into deeper theta waves. The sensation of being in a rhythmic theta wave pattern creates incredible and vivid imagery. Theta waves are very difficult to reach outside of the flotation pod environment. It takes Taoist monks years of practice through tradition meditation to reach what you have access to inside the Tao pod in one session. During this time of deep meditative experiences you can also expect to feel a sensation of oneness with the universe. Most float users describe it as a sense enlightenment and warmth that can hardly be described with words.

Floating in the TAO Pod is one of the only environments on earth comparable to space. You are completely freed of the burdening toll gravity places on you. Your body is relieved of the constant pressure that is put onto the sore joints and muscles. The TAO Pod actually increases blood circulation to accelerate healing! Minor and even chronic pain can be alleviated and at times treated in just a few sessions. The benefits and glow of a float can last from hours to days. Individuals often emerge from our flotation pods alert but in a deep relaxation, making it a key tool in the arsenal of many athletes.

“Sometimes, during an altered state of consciousness, transpersonal experiences occur. The term trans- personal implies beyond the personal. A transpersonal experience, in addressing all human experience beyond the ego level, also includes spiritual experiences. Such experiences can often be characterized as a sense of the ineffable, or a direct experience of the connectedness of everything, or feeling connected to the universe, or with “everything”.

(A. Kjellgren, F. Lyden, and T. Norlander “The Qualitative Report”)


“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.” – Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

Preparing For Your First Float

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm claustrophobic?

Our float pods are the largest on the market by 50%. This amount of space gives you the sensation of complete comfort. You are in full control of your float experience. You can get in and out as you please, and you can also leave the door open if you wish. It is very difficult to feel claustrophobic with such freedom. The pods are equipped with vivid lighting and offer the opportunity to listen to calming music. It is all about your comfort level.

How do you keep the pods clean?

It’s important to know that the float pods are already a sterile environment due to the high concentration of Epsom salt. Just as no microorganisms can live in the Dead Sea the same goes for the level of salinity in that of an isolation tank. However, our state of the art units use a surface skimmer, cartridge filter, ozone filtration system, and a disinfection process to keep the units microbe and sediment free. We monitor and record water conditions daily.

What if I have my period?

If you’re menstruating, it’s perfectly fine to float (please use a tampon) but we ask that you not float during your heaviest time of flow.

Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Floating can be a great way to relieve the pains of pregnancy and get in touch with your baby (some moms report that they can hear their baby’s heartbeat). We advise that you ask your doctor first if you have any pregnancy issues, and that you float after your first trimester has ended.

Do doctors and physical therapists float?

Absolutely. The practice of flotation therapy has been around for decades with a countless number of studies and research conducted. In fact, many professional athletes and teams utilize floating as a tool to stay on top of their game both mentally and physically.

What to Expect

What should I expect during my first float?

The possibilities are endless. Each float experience varies on an individual basis, and no two floats are the same. We believe it is important for the floater to go in with an open mind, and be prepared for a unique experience. One thing to note is that floating is a tool for the mind and body. The more you float the more profound your experiences get. Typically you begin to feel the full float sensation and gain the extraordinary benefits after 4 or 5 sessions.

Do I need to bring anything?

No. We provide all the amenities needed for your floatation experience.

Is it okay for me to fall asleep while floating?

Yes. In fact many people safely fall asleep in the pod as a result of being so relaxed. Even those who say they never sleep on their backs in bed, do so very easily in the pod. People may think it is unsafe due to the fear of rolling over. But because of the solutions density, it is very difficult to turn over. If this were ever to happen the salinity of the water would irritate the eyes and nose- immediately waking the floater.

Do I float nude or in a bathing suit?

Either way! Most people tend to float nude since that is the most natural state and because a bathing suit can become a sensory distraction during the float.

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It is highly recommended that you float at least 3 times to adjust to the floatation environment and experience the full benefits of Floatation REST therapy. While many people have a great first float, in the long run, your float sessions deepen with repeated experience.


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